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How to measure inbound sales calls ROI

  Call Tracking – Know What Marketing is Driving Inbound Sales Calls As growing companies, we are continually evaluating our marketing efforts to understand the “Return on Investment.” While everyone’s budget is different, one thing is for sure, we want to know how many leads each campaign produces. Regardless of the type of advertising, such […]

It’s Closing Time…

Nothing quite ranks you in sales like your closing technique Saying just the right thing at precisely the right time is critical to sealing the deal and getting that solid foundation for a good relationship with your new client. Not to mention that it doesn’t matter how good you are at everything else if you […]

How To Develop The Perfect Cold Call Open…

  The Cold Open Although many people might wish otherwise, I’m here to tell you that in 2019 cold calling is still alive and kicking! B2B and B2C sellers everywhere are still practicing this approach every day! When approaching the art of Cold Calling in 2019, you must remember what is considered by many to […]

Cold Calling Isn’t Dead, It’s Alive and Kicking Right?

Cold Calling …. Just those two words together—cold calling—puts many people far away from warm and happy. Given that it’s so much fun for so many people, and that I have heard a number of times recently that the last nail has been banged into the cold calling coffin, why is cold calling still even […]

One revenue growth tip for Sales Leaders that’s a real pay off

Sales are at the heart of every business, and when they are lackluster, it can spell disaster. Unfortunately, when many business owners see the numbers coming up short, they rely on flash-in-the-pan tactics like short-term incentives for salespeople, price reductions for customers, and sometimes just berating the sales team for non-delivery on goals. The problem […]

7 Behavior Insights to Attract Small Business Customers

  Small businesses practice distinct buying behaviors For providers of value-added services or products who need to market to small business buyers, it’s critical to understand their needs and constraints. These seven proven behaviors summarize how, why and when buyers make their decisions and transactions. 1. Business owners have a distinct vendor selection process. Based on information from a Gartner study, […]